APEX Interactive Grid Cookbook

At Kscope17 I gave a presentation called “APEX 5.1 Advanced Interactive Grid” that showcased many examples of whats possible with APEX Interactive Grids once you get into advanced customization. I didn’t show how the examples were implemented. I could go deep on one or two examples or show many and I choose to show as many as I could (and still have time to talk about future IG stuff). But I promised to make the IG Cookbook app available so here it is ready to download. I may add to it over time and announce updates on twitter and/or this blog.

There isn’t much to explain about this here because extensive notes are provided on each example page and there are some comments in the code as well. Some of the examples were inspired by questions from the APEX forum.

Feel free to discus the techniques shown in this app or issue with this app on the APEX Discussion Forum. This is not an officially supported sample but I’ll reply if possible and you can all help each other as well.

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