Amazon MP3 drops Linux, who wants my money now?

Don’t get too excited, its not a lot of money — about 6 albums and a dozen or so songs this year to date. The thing is, I really liked buying music from Amazon and had been doing so since 2008. They have great selection, a DRM-free product, good support, good prices, convenience, and the […]

Wooden Computer Case Update

The computer I built recently has been sitting disassembled for over a month. I started trying to solve the two problems I mentioned in the previous post – fan too loud and poor video drivers – but it did not go smoothly and then I got interrupted by other projects. To solve the video driver […]

Wooden Computer Case

Early this year, perhaps as far back as February, I visited my friend Martin and he showed me a small form factor (Mini-ITX) computer running Ubuntu that he just built. This gave me the idea for a project to replace our old kitchen computer — a Dell Dimension 4100 (Pentium III). The old one was […]

My dev2dev blog

After Oracle acquired BEA they soon took down the dev2dev site. Much of the content moved to the Oracle Technology Network but not the blogs. I wrote a few posts on my dev2dev blog and for what its worth I’m moving them here. The next few posts will be from my dev2dev blog.

The Presenting Data and Information course

Yesterday I attended a one day course, Presenting Data and Information given by Edward Tufte. It was only a few months ago that I heard of him when I saw the term sparklines and was trying to figure out what that was. Then my friend David told me about this course. I thought it would […]

Do we need another encyclopedia?

If you have used the Internet for research or pretty much anything you have probably found Wikipedia useful. But perhaps you want your big bang with a little less bang. Or you may be looking for more information about how humans and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously. Your search is over. Now there is an alternative to […]