IE6 iframe with no src over SSL solution

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 9-Nov-2007] The WLS Admin Console is not yet using an ajax library but it does do a few asynchronous things with an iframe. The iframe had the src attribute pointing to an empty html file. I didn’t like this wasteful and pointless round trip to the server so […]

Script injection and StringTemplate

I just read a very interesting article called Secure String Interpolation in JS that got me thinking about rendering in StringTemplate. I don’t follow the caja project but it looks interesting. I found the article linked from John Resig’s blog. Script injection in web applications, which also goes by the name XSS (Cross Site Scripting), […]

jQueryUI – A new hope

Recently I had some not so nice things to say about jQueryUI while still professing my love for jQuery. What didn’t come across in that post is that I am hopeful that jQueryUI will become as great as jQuery. Now it seems I have good reason to be hopeful. John Resig tells us the good […]

L-systems in JavaScript using Canvas

While playing with Scratch I was thinking about what kinds of things would make good Scratch projects. I have had an interest in L-systems for a long time now but never did more than read about them and look at the pretty pictures. I thought scratch might motivate me to do something in this area […]

WLS 10.3 Tech Preview and the Admin Console

I created a blog on dev2dev. I’ll put my work related stuff there and continue to write about my personal projects and interests here. The WLS 10.3 Tech Preview is available now. I worked on the WLS Console so I wrote about how best practices in web app presentation layer helped improve performance.

The Ajax Experience

I just attended the 2007 Boston Ajax Experience. Its been a while since I attended a conference like this. It is nice to have an employer (BEA) that recognizes the value in such things. The conference was excellent. It was full of great topics and the presenters were top notch. I’m not going to describe […]

JSP Documents and valid HTML

I have never been a fan of JavaServer Pages (JSP) but I have used them on a few projects. When JSP Documents (JSPs with XML syntax) were added in version 1.2 I thought if you had to do JSP then JSP Documents were the way to go. I prefer the uniform XML syntax to all […]

HTML button is not useful

Sometimes things seem so obvious once you learn them the hard way that you wonder why there aren’t big signs everywhere making it clear from the start. The HTML button element is useless when used with a server side controller. I got my information on the button element from the HTML specification and was happily […]

Using JSON with StringTemplate

I looked at a few of the Java libraries for JSON and finally choose org.json. It’s small and does just what I need it to, no more, no less. Well a little less. See, I decided to replace some of my existing value objects with JSON objects. (They were going to need to be serialized […]

Web app investigation part 1 – JSF

One of my main interests right now is web application development. About 8 or 9 years ago I created my first simple web application (just a few pages) as an ISAPI DLL. I was not paying any attention to HTML standards at this time. It didn’t seem like many people were. I don’t think I […]