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More Treadmill News

The treadmill workstation is in the news again. Over at CNN there is a story about the weight loss benefits of walking while working.

The thing that caught my eye is this “The researchers said their desk costs approximately $1,600.”. There was no mention of where you could buy one but 1,600 seems a bit pricey to me – unless it includes the treadmill then its a steal.

Treadmill Workstation Experiment

Ever since I read the NY times article “The Lean and the Restless” (about a year and a half ago now) the idea to replace my desk and chair with a treadmill workstation has been in the back of my mind. The idea seems to be catching on although not main stream yet. There were a number of reports about making a commercially available treadmill workstation. I haven’t seen them in stores yet and I’m not sure we will anytime soon. Some people are calling these things treadputers – I hope this name doesn’t catch on!

I wanted to pass on my experience with creating a treadmill workstation.

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