Asynchronous JavaScript and XML—a set of techniques for creating dynamic and responsive web applications that can get additional data from web servers without a page reload.
Dynamic Link Library—A shared software library.
Internationalization—The 18 represents the omitted letters.
Internet Server Application Programming Interface—An API for the Microsoft web server to deliver dynamic web pages.
JavaScript Object Notation—A compact notation for data interchange. It is a subset of JavaScript syntax for creating objects and arrays.
Representational State Transfer—a software architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems like the world wide web. The term originated in a 2000 doctoral dissertation Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures about the web written by Roy Fielding. See also: RestWiki and Representational State Transfer – Wikipedia
User Interface—The means by which a computer (or more generally any machine or device) allows a human to interact with it.
XMLHttpRequest—An API that allows JavaScript to make HTTP requests without causing the browser to navigate to a new page.

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