I just finished reading “Subtext: Uncovering the Simplicity of Programming”. As I read, my mind kept going back and forth between this makes a lot of sense and this is crazy. This is common with radical new ideas.

Truthiness about Cauliflower

Last night at dinner I learned from my kids that eating cauliflower brings bad luck. They also believe that the more you say it the truer it gets. From what I could gather they did not develop this theory on their own – some other children believe it as well. It seems that they already […]

Redesign Complete

The redesign is complete. Let me know if you find anything broken. Constructive comments welcome. Thanks. So the background picture is now gone. Someday I may create a page for photos

Blog design change comming soon

I’m planning a redesign of this blog soon. I got some feedback on the overall layout and style. A few people commented that the picture on the left was out of place given the technical content of the blog. I tend to agree. One reason for the picture and the effect of the header text […]

I18n With StringTemplate

Developers accustomed to internationalizing Java [web] applications are very familiar with ResourceBundle, MessageFormat and property files. The articles Localization and Internationalization with StringTemplate and Web Application Internationalization and Localization in Action give a good introduction to how StringTemplate can be used to do i18n but they don’t explain how to get the full set of […]