My dev2dev blog

After Oracle acquired BEA they soon took down the dev2dev site. Much of the content moved to the Oracle Technology Network but not the blogs. I wrote a few posts on my dev2dev blog and for what its worth I’m moving them here. The next few posts will be from my dev2dev blog.

More Treadmill News

The treadmill workstation is in the news again. Over at CNN there is a story about the weight loss benefits of walking while working. The thing that caught my eye is this “The researchers said their desk costs approximately $1,600.”. There was no mention of where you could buy one but 1,600 seems a bit […]

Treadmill Workstation Experiment

Ever since I read the NY times article “The Lean and the Restless” (about a year and a half ago now) the idea to replace my desk and chair with a treadmill workstation has been in the back of my mind. The idea seems to be catching on although not main stream yet. There were […]