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StringTemplate Standalone Tool (STST) is a command line utility for processing templates written in the StringTemplate template language. If you don’t know what StringTemplate is start here. It uses JSON format for the data the template uses. JSON is easy to learn. If you know JavaScript then you already know it. Go here to learn more.

The motivation for this tool was first described in this post.

This is the very first release of this program. It is version 0.1 Feedback is welcome. The license is BSD just like StringTemplate. Source is included. Use at your own risk. See license (in the zip file) for details.

Download here.

Save the zip file and extract it to a directory of your choosing. In the top directory there is a README.txt file. It will have instructions much like the following.


  1. Download
  2. Unzip into a folder of your choice. For example C:\util\stst. This folder is referred as STST_HOME in the rest of the steps
  3. In the STST_HOME folder copy stst.bat.init to stst.bat. Then edit stst.bat and replace @HOME@ with the path for STST_HOME. For example C:\util\stst NOTE: if you are using another OS such as Linux you should be able to figure out how to run the program by looking at stst.bat.
  4. Make sure JAVA_HOME is defined or java.exe can be found on the PATH.
  5. (optional) copy stst.bat to a folder on the path or update the path to include the STST_HOME folder.
  6. From a command prompt type stst -h for usage. Then try out some of the samples.