Lego Climbing Robot

Way back in January I watched a Google tech talk video Lego Engineering: from kindergarten to college. The talk stresses the importance of teaching engineering in schools. A few days later at breakfast I started talking with my oldest daughter, Alexandria, about engineering and what it is that engineers do. I said that engineers use […]

Lego robot preview

It’s been too long since my last post. The trouble is that I have too many projects started. So I’m going to announce one of them in the hopes that it motivates me to wrap it up. It is actually something that I’m working on with my kids. It’s a Lego ladder climbing robot. It […]

Lego YouTube video one year later

Its been about a year since I added my first, and to date only, video to YouTube. The project was a Lego marble ladder machine. I’m not usually much of a measurer but I thought I would jot down some of the stats. It has been just over a year (one year and 3 days) […]

Lego Marble Machine

I don’t know what it is about this one but I like it. It sits on my desk and every now and then I turn the crank or run the motor and just watch the marbles go round. It’s fun. It’s hypnotizing. It’s pointless. A few months ago my kids and I were building with […]