Wooden Fidget Spinners

My daughter, Isabella, and I made twenty fidget spinners with wood and old skate bearings for Christmas presents. I tweeted the steps with pictures but here is a little more detail about how we turned old skate bearings into wood fidget spinners.

Wooden Computer Case Update

The computer I built recently has been sitting disassembled for over a month. I started trying to solve the two problems I mentioned in the previous post – fan too loud and poor video drivers – but it did not go smoothly and then I got interrupted by other projects. To solve the video driver […]

Wooden Computer Case

Early this year, perhaps as far back as February, I visited my friend Martin and he showed me a small form factor (Mini-ITX) computer running Ubuntu that he just built. This gave me the idea for a project to replace our old kitchen computer — a Dell Dimension 4100 (Pentium III). The old one was […]