Semantic markup – a difference you can hear

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 20-Nov-2007] One of the often cited benefits of semantic markup is improved accessibility. It is not a guarantee that if you use semantic markup that your page will be accessible but it helps and when you do find accessibility problems they are easier to fix.

Using JSLint from Ant

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 16-Nov-2007] Here are instructions for using JSLint from Ant to check your JavaScript for common potential problems.

Time to get serious about JavaScript

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 16-Nov-2007] Making web applications today means incorporating some amount of ajax and that means using JavaScript. Here are some pointers for bringing good engineering practices to JavaScript.

IE6 iframe with no src over SSL solution

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 9-Nov-2007] The WLS Admin Console is not yet using an ajax library but it does do a few asynchronous things with an iframe. The iframe had the src attribute pointing to an empty html file. I didn’t like this wasteful and pointless round trip to the server so […]

My dev2dev blog

After Oracle acquired BEA they soon took down the dev2dev site. Much of the content moved to the Oracle Technology Network but not the blogs. I wrote a few posts on my dev2dev blog and for what its worth I’m moving them here. The next few posts will be from my dev2dev blog.