APEX and Asynchronous Ajax

I rarely read the release notes because I’m in a hurry to get to the good stuff. APEX 5.0 has plenty of good stuff to get to but I want to call your attention to one release note in particular: “Deprecated Synchronous Ajax in Dynamic Actions” Earlier this year there was an interesting thread on […]

Angular, Bindings and Templates

I recently watched a video about a cool new technology called <angular/>. It looks like a great way to create web applications. It caught my attention because I saw in it some parallels with some of my recent writings and what I am currently working on. The video was very good but in the beginning […]

CSS Sprites vs. High Contrast Mode

Using positioned background images (a.k.a CSS Sprites) has a number of benefits: Performance. One of the performance recommendations made by Yahoo’s performance team is to reduce HTTP requests. One way to do this is using the CSS Sprite technique — combining many images into a single background image. Skin-ability. With the img tag the image […]

IE8 has strange rules for showing focus

While working on some accessible UI widgets I found strange behavior in IE8 related to when it does or doesn’t show the focus outline around an element that has focus. When you use the focus method to set focus to a focusable element the expectation is that, in the absence of css rules to the […]

APIs, UIs, and REST

When you read about REST these days it is usually in the context of APIs. You’ll even find REST being discussed in Web Service and SOA circles. A REST API makes an application’s data and functionality available to other programs according to the principal of REST. Sometimes you see the term REST API and sometime […]

Comments on “Life above the Service Tier”

I have read Life above the Service Tier a few times now. Its a very good paper, one that really changes your perspective, but I wish it was better. If you work on web applications and you haven’t read this paper I recommend that you go read it now — but do come back. I […]

Time to get serious about JavaScript

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 16-Nov-2007] Making web applications today means incorporating some amount of ajax and that means using JavaScript. Here are some pointers for bringing good engineering practices to JavaScript.

IE6 iframe with no src over SSL solution

[This originally appeared on my dev2dev blog 9-Nov-2007] The WLS Admin Console is not yet using an ajax library but it does do a few asynchronous things with an iframe. The iframe had the src attribute pointing to an empty html file. I didn’t like this wasteful and pointless round trip to the server so […]

Script injection and StringTemplate

I just read a very interesting article called Secure String Interpolation in JS that got me thinking about rendering in StringTemplate. I don’t follow the caja project but it looks interesting. I found the article linked from John Resig’s blog. Script injection in web applications, which also goes by the name XSS (Cross Site Scripting), […]

jQueryUI – A new hope

Recently I had some not so nice things to say about jQueryUI while still professing my love for jQuery. What didn’t come across in that post is that I am hopeful that jQueryUI will become as great as jQuery. Now it seems I have good reason to be hopeful. John Resig tells us the good […]

L-systems in JavaScript using Canvas

While playing with Scratch I was thinking about what kinds of things would make good Scratch projects. I have had an interest in L-systems for a long time now but never did more than read about them and look at the pretty pictures. I thought scratch might motivate me to do something in this area […]

The Ajax Experience

I just attended the 2007 Boston Ajax Experience. Its been a while since I attended a conference like this. It is nice to have an employer (BEA) that recognizes the value in such things. The conference was excellent. It was full of great topics and the presenters were top notch. I’m not going to describe […]