This past Sunday I gave a talk at the ODTUG Kscope conference in New Orleans titled Implementing RESTful Web Services with Oracle Application Express. The presentation along with sample code and test tool can be downloaded from the APEX collateral page on OTN. I’ll describe the talk a little more at the end but first […]

JavaFX’s FXML a big step backwards

I shouldn’t care about this because I don’t use JavaFX. But it bugs me so I’ll rant a bit. A while ago (probably around version 1.2) the language caught my eye. I especially liked its literal declarative syntax for creating tree structures and data binding. I thought I heard that Oracle was discontinuing JavaFX but […]

Angular, Bindings and Templates

I recently watched a video about a cool new technology called <angular/>. It looks like a great way to create web applications. It caught my attention because I saw in it some parallels with some of my recent writings and what I am currently working on. The video was very good but in the beginning […]

Implementing a domain specific language

I have been so busy at work lately that since wrapping up the climbing robot I haven’t had time for any substantial personal projects. What I’ve been working on is a declarative DSL for implementing a web application based on ideas I previously wrote about. Like I said its a work project so I can’t […]

Language Oriented Programming

Since my last post where I presented a number of ideas on a declarative domain specific language for implementing web applications, I learned about the language oriented programming paradigm. I recommend reading “Language Oriented Programming” by M. P. Ward. It also claims programmer productivity as a benefit of what it calls the “middle-out” development style.

A declaritive language for web applications

In a couple of recent posts I have argued that a higher level language is needed to provide a significant boost to programmer productivity in the area of web applications. This is a topic I have been thinking about for many years. I’ve worked out some aspects of what I think the language should be. […]

Writtten language already the best tool for software

Tools, languages or frameworks — which will have the biggest impact on developer productivity? I previously said that I thought languages could do better than frameworks in this regard. Now I’ll talk about at least one class of tools. A good deal of focus around developer productivity is on visual editing tools. I think these […]

HTML is the assembly language of the web

My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. I got it just before going to college. I had been interested in computers since junior high but this was the first time I could afford one. The primary programming options were Extended BASIC and assembly. Writing interesting programs required assembly (because BASIC was too slow) so […]


I don’t expect my kids to become programmers like their dad. I wouldn’t wish it for them unless it is what they want for themselves. Still, I think there is value in getting exposure to programming for a number of reasons – thinking logically, planning, designing, applying math, understanding how things work and fostering creativity […]

I Like Python

I recently started learning Python and to my surprise find it to be a very nice language. I had heard good things about it years ago but never gave it a look. I noticed that Joel Spolsky gave Python half credit as a safe choice of language to develop enterprise applications in. Still, I was […]


I just finished reading “Subtext: Uncovering the Simplicity of Programming”. As I read, my mind kept going back and forth between this makes a lot of sense and this is crazy. This is common with radical new ideas.

Why I like working with Java more than .NET

For many years I enjoyed working on the Windows platform writing applications in C++, Win32, MFC and ATL/WTL. I was not an early Java adopter. I had taken a Java course but continued to work in C++. More and more of my friends had made the switch to Java and told me how much they […]