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Lego YouTube video one year later

Its been about a year since I added my first, and to date only, video to YouTube. The project was a Lego marble ladder machine. I’m not usually much of a measurer but I thought I would jot down some of the stats.

It has been just over a year (one year and 3 days) and it has been viewed 29,903 times. It has four stars with 61 ratings, 44 comments and 5 links. It was picked up on the Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day blog.

Is 29,903 a lot of views for a year? Probably not, but its all relative. Some YouTube videos get more than that in a day (I don’t know for sure but seems like a safe bet). However, far more people got to see it on YouTube than in my home.

I really don’t know where my time goes. I thought I would have completed at least one more Lego project in the past year but I haven’t.


  1. David
    David Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    I’m sure you’re right that some get that many views in a day, but I would consider 29,903 a very good number. I would guess that’s at least 1 order of magnitude better than average (maybe 2).

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