All the Things That Pop Up

At UKOUG Techfest19 I gave a presentation with the same title as this article. The topic is about menus, dialogs, and popups. I created a sample app for the presentation that I promised to make available. You can download the app here[*]. The app uses the EMP and DEPT tables so make sure they are […]

APEX Inline Popup Region

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe. [Update: This post has been updated with information for 18.2] This article will show how to add an Inline Popup region in APEX 18.1 [Update: and 18.2]. It is similar to the existing Inline Dialog region. […]

Passing Data in and out of APEX Dialogs

How to pass data into and return data from an APEX dialog is something that comes up from time to time on the APEX forum. I have not seen a comprehensive treatment of this topic so decided to work up an example of the various possibilities. [Updated 23-May-2017 to reflect 5.1.1 and add detail for […]

APEX 5.0 Custom Menus

This topic has been motivated by a few different APEX forum threads as well as direct questions from teammates. Here I will show how to add a menu button to each row of an interactive report that will open a menu and the menu item actions will be specific to the row. The above pictured […]

How to persist APEX dialog size and position

As a developer I love how easy it is to create dialogs with APEX 5.0. But as a user I get a little annoyed that I have to move and resize them each time I open a dialog. Today I’ll show how to persist dialog position and size for the duration of a browser session.

APEX 5.0 Dialogs

My guess is that if asked what APEX 5 UI feature is the most complex, most people would say Page Designer. It is true that Page Designer is big, as in a lot of code, but it is also very modular and you can understand each part and then how they work together. Another good […]