All the Things That Pop Up

At UKOUG Techfest19 I gave a presentation with the same title as this article. The topic is about menus, dialogs, and popups. I created a sample app for the presentation that I promised to make available. You can download the app here[*]. The app uses the EMP and DEPT tables so make sure they are […]

More APEX Menu Fun

During a recent APEX office hours Sven Weller asked a very interesting question about styling top navigation menus. The question was elaborated on in this forum post. There are a lot of details in that thread but the short answer is the out-of-the box top navigation menu doesn’t allow arbitrary markup or individually colored menu […]

APEX Media List Mega Menu

When I showed the Inline Popup Region to my coworker Shakeeb, he said he wanted to put a media list in it and use it as a navigation menu. And I said why not just use a menu. This was all theoretical at that point because as far as I know no one had done […]

APEX 5.0 Interactive Report Customization

The improvement to Interactive Reports in APEX 5.0 has gotten mixed responses. Many people are very happy with the improvements, which include: multiple interactive reports per page, fixed headings, improved looks, improved usability, improved markup, and new features such as pivot. However, people that had previously customized their apps by leveraging internal unsupported functions of […]