APEX 5.2 Interactive Grid

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe.

As of this writing Application Express release 5.2 is a work in progress but you can be an early adopter. Try it out and give us feedback. My experience working on APEX 5.2 has been quite different from 5.1. In the previous release I, along with a few others were laser focused on Interactive Grid. In contrast my work on 5.2 feels like a flood light shinning on many area, some not even identified during release planning. In this series of articles I give my perspective and some technical details on things that I have worked on. Lets start with Interactive Grid.

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APEX IG Cookbook for 5.1.4

Happy New Year. I wanted to get this IG Cookbook update out the same week that APEX version 5.1.4 was released and Early Adopter for 5.2 came out but a technical problem (described below) and the holidays slowed me down. I will have some things about 5.2 EA to blog about soon. Download IG Cookbook release 3.0. As always make sure you install the Sample Interactive Grid app first because it creates some needed tables.

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Visibility and Size Managed Components

For no particular reason other than I feel like writing about it, I’ll now describe some minor functionality that crept into the APEX 5.1.1 patch release. Typically a patch release shouldn’t and doesn’t have any new functionality but sometimes there is no better way to fix a bug. This topic is for the advanced plug-in developer and anyone curious about the internal details of APEX JavaScript. No screen shots, no demo app, no sample code, just raw information; sorry.

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APEX IG Cookbook Update

Here is an update (revision 2) of the Interactive Grid Cookbook. You can download it here. This revision adds an example of reordering rows. This has been asked for on the APEX discussion forums. The example is a task list editing page.

The example also shows a workaround for the “no data found” error that can happen when saving data if the SQL statement has a where clause. When the IG SQL statement has its own where clause, such as “... where EXAMPLE_COL = :P1_CURRENT“, if the column is editable and the user changes the value so it no longer matches the where expression you get the error. The reason is that as part of saving the data the IG Automatic Row Processing (DML) process tries to get the latest values for edited records and if a record is now out side of the result set because of the where clause you get the error. A number of people have run into this problem.

Feel free to discus the techniques shown in this app or issue with this app on the APEX Discussion Forum. This is not an officially supported sample but I’ll reply if possible and you can all help each other as well.