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Tag: APEX 18.2

More APEX Menu Fun

During a recent APEX office hours Sven Weller asked a very interesting question about styling top navigation menus. The question was elaborated on in this forum post. There are a lot of details in that thread but the short answer is the out-of-the box top navigation menu doesn’t allow arbitrary markup or individually colored menu items. However the menu widget has many features and here I will show how to create rich custom content menus like the following.

Custom Menu

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APEX IG Cookbook Update for 18.2

[Update 30-Mar-2019 there is a new version of IG Cookbook here]
Last week I presented Interactive a Grid Deep Dive for APEX Office Hours where I demonstrated a new version of the IG Cookbook.
The video and slides are now available. The presentation covered important aspects of the Interactive Grid architecture. As promised I’m making the latest IG Cookbook (release 4.0) for APEX 18.2 available for download. As always make sure you install the Sample Interactive Grids app first because it creates some needed tables.

IG Cookbook v4 tasks page

There are many exciting additions and improvements.