More APEX Menu Fun

During a recent APEX office hours Sven Weller asked a very interesting question about styling top navigation menus. The question was elaborated on in this forum post. There are a lot of details in that thread but the short answer is the out-of-the box top navigation menu doesn’t allow arbitrary markup or individually colored menu […]

JET Spark Charts in APEX Interactive Grid

Today I will show how easy it is to put JET Spark Charts in Interactive Grid cells. JET Spark Charts are an implementation of the sparkline graphical style. I recommend learning about them from Edward Tufte’s books.

APEX IG Cookbook Update for 18.2

[Update 30-Mar-2019 there is a new version of IG Cookbook here] Last week I presented Interactive a Grid Deep Dive for APEX Office Hours where I demonstrated a new version of the IG Cookbook. The video and slides are now available. The presentation covered important aspects of the Interactive Grid architecture. As promised I’m making […]