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APEX 18.1 New Region Features

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe.

Last month I gave two talks at the NL.OUG APEX World conference. The first was part of the APEX 18.1 new features presentation with Anthony and Shakeeb. There I showed an app that demonstrated new region features. I said I would make the app available. Now that has been upgraded to 18.1 pre-release you have somewhere to try it out. You can download New Region Features (18.1). Note: You must install the Sample Interactive Grids app and Sample Charts app first because it uses sample data from those apps.

18.1 New Region Features

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APEX Inline Popup Region

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe.

[Update: This post has been updated with information for 18.2]

This article will show how to add an Inline Popup region in APEX 18.1 [Update: and 18.2]. It is similar to the existing Inline Dialog region. If you have not used an inline dialog before you can learn how from the Universal Theme sample app.

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APEX 18.1 jQuery, jQuery UI, and JET upgrade

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe.

You’ve read the announcements, you’ve seen the presentations, you signed up for the early adopter, and gave feedback and now you think there is nothing to do but sit back and wait for 18.1 to be released – no no no. In this article I will tell you what you need to do to prepare for the jQuery, jQuery UI, and JET library upgrades in the upcoming APEX 18.1 release (was 5.2). This applies to apps and plug-ins. If you wrote an APEX plug-in that you have shared with others be proactive and make sure it is ready for 18.1.

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APEX 5.2 Interactive Grid

Note this is about a future release of APEX and the final release may differ from what I describe.

As of this writing Application Express release 5.2 [Update: the release is renamed 18.1] is a work in progress but you can be an early adopter. Try it out and give us feedback. My experience working on APEX 5.2 has been quite different from 5.1. In the previous release I, along with a few others were laser focused on Interactive Grid. In contrast my work on 5.2 feels like a flood light shinning on many area, some not even identified during release planning. In this series of articles I give my perspective and some technical details on things that I have worked on. Lets start with Interactive Grid.


APEX IG Cookbook for 5.1.4

[Update 30-Mar-2019 there is a new version of IG Cookbook here]
Happy New Year. I wanted to get this IG Cookbook update out the same week that APEX version 5.1.4 was released and Early Adopter for 5.2 came out but a technical problem (described below) and the holidays slowed me down. I will have some things about 5.2 EA to blog about soon. Download IG Cookbook release 3.0. As always make sure you install the Sample Interactive Grid app first because it creates some needed tables.


Visibility and Size Managed Components

For no particular reason other than I feel like writing about it, I’ll now describe some minor functionality that crept into the APEX 5.1.1 patch release. Typically a patch release shouldn’t and doesn’t have any new functionality but sometimes there is no better way to fix a bug. This topic is for the advanced plug-in developer and anyone curious about the internal details of APEX JavaScript. No screen shots, no demo app, no sample code, just raw information; sorry.


APEX Client-Side Validation

There is a new little known sorta feature in APEX 5.1 called client-side validation. You may have missed it because it is not listed in the release notes under new features and only mentioned cryptically, almost tangentially, in the release notes section “Compatibility Mode Changes in Mode 5.1”. It says

“… buttons where the Execute Validations attribute is set to Yes also perform some client-side validations (such as item required checks) and will not submit the page until all issues are fixed”

Other hints and evidence for this feature are the new function, the validate option to namespace submit and confirm functions, and the new apex.item getValidity and getValidationMessage functions.

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